About Us

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Since 2000, Carrington Farms has been making delicious, 100% organic, non-genetically modified health food products accessible to nutrition-conscious consumers. Our comprehensive line of flax and coconut oil products serves a range of purposes.

Carrington Farms is recognized industry wide for quality, service and value. From our pure whole seed flax to our chia blends and cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil, all of Carrington Farms’ vitamin and mineral-full health food products are a great way to start adding a little more nutrition to everyday life.

The Carrington Farms Difference

Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit have guided Carrington as we work hard to bring the health-conscious, selective, and value consumer a quality product.

Carrington continuously monitors the latest trends in the healthy lifestyle market to define unique products and packaging for our loyal consumers.  Knowing our consumer is active and on the go is why we offer Flax Paks, Flax Chia Paks, Flax Hemp Paks and Coconut Oil Paks for your everyday needs.


Carrington Cares

The Carrington company donates their time and money by bringing food to local homeless shelters, helping factories overseas after weather destruction, helping families in need during the holidays and more.

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