shakshuka recipe

Shakshuka-inspired Italian Eggs

(breakfast for 1)


Spray small pan with Carrington Farms coconut oil cooking spray. Heat over Low-Medium heat.

Sauté onions and sausage for a couple of minutes.

Add tomato sauce and season to taste then stir everything together.

Crack eggs into the sauce and season again if desired.

Sprinkle the basil and cheese around the eggs.

Top the yolks with Carrington Farms garlic flavor cooking coconut oil and cover with lid until the whites set, about 1 minute. Enjoy!

This dish is low-carb, lchf, primal and keto-friendly.

(From the chef: I use the oil this way in this recipe because it helps cook the top faster without compromising the bottom, not to mention a great way of getting those healthy fats in without losing them to the pan.)