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25 Essential Oils That'll Give You the Best Skin of Your Life featured Carrington Farms Coconut Oil in their article featuring a list of naturally derived essential oils for your skin. The second oil listed as “the best ones to look for on store shelves”  is coconut oil, “the all-natural miracle hydrator for your face, body, lips, cuticles—anywhere you want to relieve dry skin.” When it came [...]

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Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

Looking for an easy recipe to make for Thanksgiving that uses your new Carrington Farms coconut oil? In this easy roasted sweet potato side dish, coconut oil deepens the natural caramelized flavor of roasted sweet potatoes, and it adds a delicate subtle coconut flavor. Brown sugar and nutmeg sweeten the dish. Ingredients 2 large Sweet Potatoes 1 Tbsp Carrington Farms [...]

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11 Amazing Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Every Day

Fit Life TV describes 11 reasons to use coconut oil. From cooking to skin care to helping your pet; coconut oil has so many benefits it should be used daily. Watch the video for eleven uses and take note when he talks about the benefits for pets - he uses Carrington Farms Coconut Oil!

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2 Great Healthy Grilling Recipes

Flax Burger Prep time: ~15 mins Ingredients 1 pound thawed ground beef, lean ground turkey or bison, veal or your favorite meat. 2 Tbs finely chopped onion 1 clove garlic minced 2 Tbs Carrington Farms Organic Milled flaxseed or 2 Tbsp Carrington Farms Organic Flax Chia Blend 2 Tbs water 3/4 cup soft bread crumbs (1 slice of bread) 1 beaten egg 1 Tbs mustard 1/4 tsp [...]

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Carrington Farms Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil FAQ’s

1)     Are Carrington Farms plastic jars BPA Free? Yes. 2)      Do you use Hexane? No, our Coconut Oil is hexane free. 3)      Is your Coconut Oil unrefined and do you use chemicals? Yes, Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is unrefined, and no, chemicals are not used in the processing of the Coconut Oil. 4)      Where are the coconuts grown? The coconuts are grown on Organic farms in [...]

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Coconut Oil FAQ’s

CARRINGTON FARMS ORGANIC UNREFINED COCONUT OIL FAQ’s 1) Are the plastic jars BPA Free? Yes. 2) Do you use Hexane? No, our coconut oil is hexane free. 3) Is your Coconut Oil unrefined and do you use chemicals? Yes, Carrington Farms coconut oil is unrefined and no chemicals are used in the processing of the coconut oil. 4) Where the coconuts are [...]

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What Makes Flax Seed so Healthy

Flax from the blue-flowered plant crop grown mainly in cool, northern climates such as that of the western Canadian prairies and the northern plains of the US. The omega-3 fatty acid and fiber in flax are nutrients that help keep us healthy and well. The flax seed is one of the most nutritional seeds on the [...]

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Uses of Coconut Oil (Besides Food)

Non-Food Health benefits:Hair Care: The unique fatty acids in coconut oil have a small molecular structure and pass freely into the hair’s cell membrane, allowing for the oil to penetrate the hair’s shaft.Massaging oil into the scalp can offer relief from dandruff. Coconut oil can kill the fungus and dryness that causes dandruff. A teaspoon or [...]

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The Benefits of Breakfast

ast week we talked about different ways to add flax seeds to your meals throughout the day, and this week we're going to talk about breakfast! Do you usually eat breakfast? The first meal of the day is often one that people skip for whatever reason. If you do, you're missing out, not only on delicious breakfast [...]

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