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How to Use Freekeh Flour

Posted by Carrington Farms on

Boasting a wealth of protein, fiber, and other nutrients, freekeh flour is a relative newcomer to the healthy grain scene. However, this is one grain-based flour that is highly worthy of your attention. Even with its new prominence in health and nutrition, there is no reason at all to feel intimidated about using this flour in your favorite everyday dishes. We've pulled together a quick overview of how to use freekeh flour in some insanely delicious recipes.

Ways to Use Freekeh Flour

Freekeh flour is pretty versatile, just like any other flour you can find. You can work it into just about any recipe that calls for flour—whether that is cookies, savory dishes, bread, pasta, or otherwise. The heightened nutritional value of ground freekeh can really up the nutritional value of your dishes. For reference, a quarter a cup of Carrington Farms freekeh flour yields only about 90 calories, but also 4 grams of protein and loads of fiber.

The taste of freekeh is similar to any whole grain flour, but with added layers of depth and nuttiness. Some would say the flavor is akin to barley or ground brown rice. Therefore, it is neutral enough to be a base ingredient in a lot of foods without compromising the end flavor.

How to Use Freekeh Flour in Recipes

Essentially, you can use freekeh four in place of any flour you would otherwise need to use, including rice flour. Take a look at just a few of the ways you could work freekeh flour into the foods you commonly make.

Make Freekeh Muffins

If you normally use traditional white flour to make homemade muffins, consider replacing that ingredient with freekeh flour instead. As noted above, the flavor is mild enough to work with just about any fruit flavor and highlights sweetness very well.

For example, here is a good recipe for Lemon Coconut Cakes (muffins) with Freekeh Flour. These yummy muffins are filled with lemon curd and cream, topped with grated dark chocolate, and have just a hint of coconut. According to the recipe poster for these muffins, the freekeh flour actually gives the muffins a lighter texture.

Try Freekeh Flour Pancakes

Pancakes are a super-filling item to add to your breakfast menu, and they are easy to cook when you are in a bit of a rush to get going. The problem with pancakes is those made with plain white flour don't really deliver a lot of nutritive value, which is important when you need a good energy boost in the morning.

To make pancakes a little more wholesome and fulfilling, make them with freekeh flour instead. Check out this recipe for Fabulous Freekeh Pancakes from us. The primary ingredient in this recipe is freekeh flour, but other ingredients like honeysuckle powder and honey make the pancakes sweet so you are not getting loads of sugar. You could also easily dress up these pancakes with your favorite berries added to the mix.

Use Freekeh Flour for Breading Meats

If you plan to make some oven-roasted chicken or some pan-fried fish, freekeh flour is a good ingredient to use in place of other flour, pinko, or bread crumbs. The light, airy texture of the freekeh crisps up nicely during frying or baking, and the coating sticks to the meats well with a simple liquid wash before the dip.

Some people use whole freekeh grains to coat meat, such as this recipe for Freekeh-Crusted Cod. This is also a tasty way to enjoy the grain, but freekeh four will give you a more standard coating similar to a crispy breaded coating.

What is freekeh flour exactly?

Freekeh translates to the phrase "to rub" in Arabic. This grain is actually the result of toasted whole grains of wheat. When the wheat is toasted, the outer layers of the grain can be easily rubbed away. What remains is a roasted grain with a profound flavor that is even easier to grind into a rich flour. The heat from the processing makes the flour lighter in consistency than usual, but the substantial nutritional value remains. Freekeh is considered a whole grain, and it is not gluten-free.

Incorporate Freekeh Flour into Your Favorite Dishes

While freekeh flour is made from a simple wheat grain that you already know and love, this particular grain offers so much robust flavor to your dishes. If you would like to try more nutrient-dense, flavorful flours in your dishes, be sure to take a look at our collection of flour and powders at Carrington Farms.