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Grilled Salmon With Ground Lupin

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Grilled Salmon With Ground Lupin

Grilled Salmon With Ground Lupin



  1. Mix 2 tbsp teriyaki sauce and 1 tbsp of Carrington Farm Mustard Seed Oil and brush each salmon filet with the mixture. Let sit on the counter for 10-15 minutes for a quick marinade.
  2. If grilling, line the grill with aluminum foil and brush with mustard seed Oil. (If cooking in a cast iron skillet, heat the pan over medium high with 2-3 tbsp of mustard seed oil.)
  3. Place each salmon filet on the heat, skin side down. Let the skin get crisp before flipping, about 4-5 minutes.
  4. Flip salmon and cook another 2-3 minutes for a perfectly pink center.
  5. Brush with additional teriyaki sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  6. Serve with Carrington Farms Group Lupin Bean, cooked according to the package.