Best Grains & Seeds to Add to Your Diet

Seeds and whole grains are some of the natural whole foods that are great to add to your diet. Both are filled with fiber and other nutrients, so they help support the functioning of your body. Having minimally processed whole grains and seeds can provide a great boost to your health and wellness.

At Carrington Farms, we make it simple to add these ingredients to various foods you already eat by scooping some out of our convenient packages. Also, we offer different varieties for you to choose from to fit your preferences.

Here are some of the top whole grains and seeds to add to your diet.

Chia Seeds

We carry organic chia seeds to help you get the cleanest version of this nutritious food. Our chia seeds come in a convenient pouch, so you can easily scoop some into your recipe for chia seed pudding, smoothies, salads, oatmeal and other meals and snacks. We also have a mix of flax and chia available to give you the health benefits of two powerful seeds in one package.

Chia seeds are sometimes called a superfood because of the nutritious value they pack into their small bodies. These seeds give you omega-3 fats and other healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamin B1 (thiamine) and numerous minerals that include calcium, iron, folate, potassium, magnesium and manganese. They provide a plant-based complete protein to add to your diet. Healthline notes that they’ve been associated with reducing blood sugar, appetite and heart disease risk factors. So those are amazing health benefits!

Flax Seeds

We give you numerous ways to add flax seeds to your diet. You can choose from our whole flax seeds or milled flax seeds in convenient pouches. We also offer to-go packs of milled flax seeds to help you bring them to work, school, or activities. All of our varieties include organic flax seeds for clean, healthy versions of this seed. We also have blends, so you can get flax and chia or flax and hemp in the same package. You can easily scoop and add the seeds to baked goods, cereal, salads and more.

Flax seeds are another seed in the superfood group. Like chia seeds, they offer omega-3 and other healthy fats, fiber, protein and vitamins and minerals. These seeds are associated with impressive health benefits like reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and some cancer risk, according to Healthline.

Hemp Seeds

Another great option we have is hemp seeds. We carry an organic flax and hemp blend that you can toss into yogurt, salads, smoothies and other food options. This gives you the health benefits of hemp seeds along with the bonuses offered by flax seed, all in one package. Like our other seed options, this being organic means you get the cleanest option.

Hemp seeds are another type of seed that people call a superfood. That's because they give healthy fats, protein and fiber, along with antioxidants. These seeds give you complete protein in a plant-based form, which isn't always the case with plant-based protein. Their vitamins and minerals include vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and more. Medical News Today says they’re associated with brain protection, heart health and other important health benefits. Plus, they skip the mind-altering qualities of the Cannabis plant they come from.


You may not normally think of coconut as a seed, but it can be considered a seed, fruit and nut all at the same time, explains the Library of Congress. We have different organic coconut options that make it simple to include more coconut in your diet. You can use our coconut flour as a delicious, gluten free substitute for grain flours in your baked goods, pancakes and even breadings. We also have a coconut protein blend that combines coconut, pumpkin and pea powders, which you can scoop to add to baked good recipes, smoothies and more.

Our coconut products offer you the benefits of coconut, such as fiber and MCTs that may promote stable blood sugar, good digestion, and heart health. Plus, using coconut flour gives you an option that is free of gluten and low in carbohydrates to help support weight loss, unlike most grain-based flours.

Try Our Superfood Seeds!

Many other seeds and whole grains are healthy to add into your diet as well. For example, there is a long list of healthy options like oats, whole wheat, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and more. Yet the seeds on the above list are some of the best grains and seeds to add to your diet for their combination of nutrients and health benefits. Plus, we make it easy to mix them into a variety of recipes, especially when you try different options of our whole seeds and ground seeds. Try Carrington Farms organic seed options in your meals and snacks!