Oils & Ghees

Try our Coconut Oils, Specialty Oils, Ghees, MCT Oils, Cooking Sprays and more!


Baking Ingredients

Add Carrington Farms flours and powders to your recipes to make better-for-you smoothies and baked goods!


Seeds & Smoothie Ingredients

Our organic grains, seeds and superfoods will add the protein punch you’ve been looking for.


Side Dishes, Salad Toppers & Bread Crumbs

Try our innovative products—Ground Lupin Bean, Crounons, and Keto Bread Crumbs.

Goji berry smoothie

Smoothie Mix-Ins

Double down on nutrition with a smoothie made from all your favorite Carrington Farms smoothie ingredients plus delicious and sustainable whey protein powder from our sister brand, simply tera's.

From chia and flax seeds packed with omega-3s and fiber, to MCT and matcha powders for sustained energy, to nutrient-rich superfoods like goji berry and beet root powder, the combinations are simply endless!