How to Add MCT Oil to Your Diet the Right Way

The rise of the Ketogenic Diet in 2018 gave birth to a supplement craze surrounding MCT Oils. MCT oils have quickly become a household name, and they can be found within everything from cookies and protein powders to our favorite morning beverages. Found naturally only in a handful of foods, such as coconut oil or whole fat milk, MCT oil supplements are continuing to grow in popularity.

Read on to explore the many health benefits of MCT Oil and how to incorporate this supplement into your diet.

What is MCT Oil?

When discussing MCT oil, it is important to understand what the acronym entails. MCT stands for Medium-chain triglycerides. MCT molecules are consistently smaller than those found within the fat of food that we eat, also known as long-chain triglycerides. As these molecules are smaller, MCT molecules become easier to digest and quick to absorb into our bloodstream.

Put plainly, MCT oil can provide a quick burst of energy that we can use.

Where Does MCT Oil Come From?

The most common sources of MCT oil outside the supplement world are palm kernel oil or coconut oil and the process known as fractionation. Fractionation involves the separation of MCT from the original carrier oil before concentrating the solution.

Key Advantages to Using MCT Oil

While there are still going to be studies performed on MCT oil in the future, science-based research has already led to some serious beneficial conclusions. Listed below, explore a few of the key advantages of adding MCT oil to your diet.

  • Promote Healthy Weight Loss — MCT is considered the fat that helps you lose fat. MCT oil is purportedly beneficial for weight loss because it promotes feelings of fullness' through peptide YY as well as leptin. Individual studies showed that MCT oil helped individual users to consume fewer calories at lunch.
  • Efficient Source of Energy — As we have already alluded to above, the body transports MCT to the bloodstream faster than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs). This makes the MCT an immediate source of energy for our brain. Additionally, MCT can travel throughout the gut and liver without having to pause for bile to break the MCT down, a benefit that LCTs do not have.
  • Improved Heart Health — While much is still required by way of research, early studies have shown direct benefits pertaining to our heart health when MCT oil is used as a supplement. MCT oil purportedly works to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) in our body. Enjoying MCT oil combined with a good diet and proper exercise can be a great way to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Understand that MCT oil is digested differently from person-to-person and that trial-and-error may be required to find the proper dosing for your needs.

How to Add MCT Oil to Your Diet

While MCT oil has become incredibly popular alongside the meteoric rise of the keto diet, that doesn't mean that you have to be on the keto diet to enjoy the health benefits that the product provides.

Here are a few great ways to easily add MCT oil to your diet.

MCT Oil Powder GO Paks — Designed and developed by the team at Carrington Farms, these MCT Oil Powder GO Paks provide all the traditional benefits of MCT oil in a convenient container. Great as a lunchtime pick-me-up, MCT Oil Powder can quickly mix with your favorite foods or beverages for a boost of energy from a plant-based source.

Orange Juice w/MCT Powder — Want to kick the morning off with some extra plant-based energy? Add MCT oil or MCT powder directly to your favorite orange juice, blending until the consistency is smooth. A great way to add energy to your morning meal without turning to caffeine.

Uplifting Smoothie Bowls — The next time you blend together your favorite mixture of oats, fruits, and proteins, consider adding a dose of MCT oil to the concoction as well! Whether you are enjoying a chocolate and pecan shake or a vanilla smoothie bowl with flax, a little MCT oil can go a long way!

Peanut Butter With a Punch — Fitness fanatics have long known the bountiful benefits of peanut butter, and now they can combine them with MCT oil! MCT oil can be directly added to your favorite spread, including peanut or almond butter. The oil in MCT oil blends well with these spreads while providing your body with fat-burning energy.

Ultimate Energy Salad w/ MCT Oil — A great way to lose weight while eating healthy involves your favorite salads and a splash of MCT oil. There are a ton of great keto salad recipes on the internet, though we love any combination of roasted veggies, greens, and pure MCT oil.

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