What are the Benefits of Using Organic Hemp Oil?


The Benefits of Using Organic Hemp Oil

You may have hemp-based lotion, lip gloss, and shampoo, but have you added hemp oil to your pantry? More people are incorporating organic hemp oil into their diets these days, and it is definitely not without good reason. This one food ingredient, just like much of the other products derived from hemp, may deliver a long list of benefits. but, unlike other hemp products, organic hemp oil is best when incorporated into your diet.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, which is sometimes referred to as hemp seed oil, is a full, plant-based oil that is derived from the seeds of hemp. Not to be confused with CBD oil, which is an oil harvested from the plant material and used for therapeutic effects, hemp oil is primarily used as a food source and in some health and beauty products.

What are the Benefits of Using Hemp Oil?

Even though organic hemp oil is not considered therapeutic, so to speak, it does boast a healthy list of benefits for the body. Hemp seeds deliver a hefty dose of valuable fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs. Here is a closer look at some of the organic hemp oil benefits.

1. Encourage Healthy Skin

Hemp oil is full of fatty acids, such as linoleic, a-linoleic, and oleic fatty acids. Fatty acids are known for helping with things like oxidation and inflammation, which can lead to a host of problems for your skin, including redness and aging. One published review suggested that hemp oil may offer a list of advantages to help with things like:

  • inflammatory skin conditions
  • varicose eczema
  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • acne rosacea

As an added advantage, hemp seed oil may also be beneficial for your hair for the same reasons it is good for your skin. The essential fatty acids may promote hair growth, strength, and shine. Technically, hemp oil could be topically applied to your skin or directly to your hair and deliver benefits. This is why the oil shows up a lot in modern-day health and beauty products. However, incorporating the oil into your diet means your hair, skin, and other bodily systems get the benefits.

2. Support the Health of Your Brain

Most people take in a lot of foods that are good for their bodies, but what about using what you eat to protect your brain? Organic hemp oil may actually help support brain health due to the aforementioned fatty acids, amino acids, and other healthy constituents. The brain needs essential fatty acids to function at its best, but, perhaps most importantly, hemp oil also contains polyphenols, which are thought to offer some level of protection for the brain.

3. Give Your Heart Something Good

Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) is a huge problem in the United States with over 100 million Americans having high cholesterol levels over 200 mg/dL. High cholesterol is never a good thing for your heart; it is often considered a silent link in the development of heart disease. One of the organic hemp oil benefits you may be interested to know about if you have high cholesterol is its potential to help you lower it.

Research published in 2019 covered how hemp seed could potentially help lower cholesterol in animal studies. It was determined that test animals had lowered lipid profiles. Of course, more studies need to be performed, but these early indications are promising for heart health and hemp seed oil.

4. Promote a Healthy Weight

Any time you can trade in an unhealthy fat for "healthy" fat, you could potentially reap advantages when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Organic hemp seed oil may help promote a healthy weight for a few reasons, but a lot remains to be researched formally. The biggest possibility is that hemp oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) like omega-3s and omega-6s. A diet filled with saturated fats can be linked to obesity, but PUFAs may help support the metabolic rate.

How to Incorporate Organic Hemp Oil Into Your Diet

Getting organic hemp oil into your diet is by no means difficult. Simply use the oil in place of other oils when whipping up things like salad dressing, spreads, dips, and more. For example, you can use hemp oil to make pesto or a yummy hummus. Adding a bit of the oil to a smoothie or cold soup can also get this beneficial oil into your daily intake. Just keep in mind that hemp oil can lose some of its nutritive value when it is heated. Therefore, it is not the best oil to use for high-heat cooking like frying or sauteeing. It is perfectly fine to heat the oil to a warm temperature, however, and this will retain the flavor profile as well.

Try Organic Hemp Oil and See How It Does Your Body Good

Milk may be the ingredient that is supposed to do the body good, but it's easy to argue the case for hemp oil with so many potential benefits. If you're ready to get a good, healthy oil into your diet, try Carrington Farms Organic Hemp Oil. The oil is cold-pressed to retain its nutritional elements and ideal for use in a long list of recipes. Browse all of our organic cooking oils on the Carrington Farms website to find a healthy and delicious alternative today!