MCT Oil Powder

Carrington Farms


Size: 12 Single Serve Paks
5oz Pouch
12 Single Serve Paks
New Dairy-Free Blend!
  • CLEAN ENERGY – Each 1 tbsp serving of Carrington Farms MCT Oil Powder contains 4g of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), which are efficiently utilized by the body to help sustain energy production and may help aid in calorie burning.
  • EASY TO DIGEST – Carrington Farms MCT Oil Powder is easier to digest than MCT oils and contains 4g MCT + 0g Net Carbs per serving, making it Keto and Paleo Friendly.

Now keto friendly and dairy free, Carrington Farms MCT Oil Powder is easier to digest than MCT Oil and blends easily into shakes, coffee, smoothies and more.  

Do not use in Styrofoam drinkware or containers.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (Coconuts), Gum Acacia

Store at room temperature for optimum freshness.

What's the real deal with MCT's?

You hear about possible health benefits of them and you are not even sure what they stand for. MCTs are Medium Chain Triglycerides. They are unique because their chemical configuration enables them to be absorbed easily in the gastrointestinal tract. Other fats need to be broken down and digested with the help of bile acids and enzymes; MCTs are rapidly absorbed intact and travel directly to the liver to be used for energy. Due to this process, MCTs, unlike LCTs (long chain triglycerides), are not stored as fat but used as fuel for the body in a way that is similar to the digestion of carbohydrates.

As is true for all fats, use foods with MCTs sparingly. Fats are high in calories and those calories can add up quickly if you use too much. That's why moderation is always the best bet for overall health and wellness.

Is Carrington Farms MCT Oil Powder Kosher-friendly?

Yes, our MCT Oil Powder is Kosher-friendly. It is Star K certified.

Where is Carrington Farms MCT Oil Powder produced?

Our MCT Oil Powder is produced in the USA and packaged in Cananda.

Did you know that fats and oils weaken/dissolve Styrofoam?

It's true! The medium chain fatty acids in MCT oil can dissolve Styrofoam in as little as 10 seconds. The longer chain fatty acids in other oils take a lot longer and may only weaken rather than fully dissolve the Styrofoam. Do not use MCT oil in any Styrofoam container. We do not recommend using any oil in Styrofoam.

Recipes with MCT Oil Powder

Beet Root & MCT Protein Blast Smoothie
Beet Root & MCT Protein Blast Smoothie
Green Detox Smoothie
Green Detox Smoothie

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