Get the Flax

Maybe you put flax in your smoothie or yogurt or maybe you use it when you are baking. By now, we all know that flax is considered a super food and has the omega 3 healthy fats your body needs to function and deliver some big health benefits. The problem, until now, was that people could not cook with it. That’s because flaxseed oil does not have a high smoke point and it should NEVER be exposed to high heat.

However, Carrington Farms has brought us a healthy, safe and delicious way to incorporate flax into our cooking— their Organic Flax Cooking Oil. It’s got a yummy, nutty flavor and delivers all the same healthy benefits as flaxseed oil but, get this one, it can be heated!!

I have used it in my chicken stir fry and on my roasted vegetables and made the most delicious banana bread with it. Check out the recipe on the Carrington Farms website.

So, if you’re looking to add some healthy oomph to your cooking, choose the flax cooking oil from Carrington Farms as a nutrient-packed alternative to butter, canola or olive oil.

Live well and eat healthy.