Food That Will Make You Feel Less Hungry In Between Meals

Do you ever have a day when you just can’t seem to keep your hunger in check? Reaching for snacks a little more than you should? When I’m working with clients, I let them know there are different reasons that people snack.

Are you snacking for the right reasons?

People may snack when they’re bored, tired, anxious, or stressed. That’s what I call “head hunger” because people reach for food not because the stomach is grumbling, but because of the above- mentioned emotions. If you find that happening, the best thing to do is to find a distraction, like taking a walk, facetiming a loved one, or starting on a project.

Types of food you can eat while watching your weight

However, if you find yourself legitimately hungry in between meals, with a real grumbling stomach, you may not be eating enough nutrient dense foods. That means that the foods you are choosing may be low in fiber or protein or both.

Foods that are high in protein and fiber help to keep you fuller longer. This is because they have what is known as a longer ‘transit time’ through the digestive tract. The longer it takes for the body to digest something, the longer you will stay full and satisfied.

When increasing fiber intake, do so slowly, and increase fluid intake also. This is because fiber needs water to pass through the digestive tract smoothly and without getting stuck. If you do not increase your fluid intake adequately, you may experience nausea or constipation. The bonus of the additional fluid intake is that it also helps contribute to a feeling of fullness.

How to cut back on snacking

So, if you are looking to cut back on snacking that’s leading to increased weight gain, you can make a conscious effort to pay attention to whether it’s head hunger or legitimate stomach hunger. Once you’re armed with that knowledge, you can either use distraction techniques to avoid mindless snacking or you can supercharge your diet with foods that are high in protein and fiber. Oh, and don’t forget the water!

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