It's That Time Of Year Again

It’s that time of year again. New resolutions, new and healthier recipes, and a new gym membership. Your gym bag is packed and ready, your shopping list is filled with fruits and vegetables, and you are motivated to make this the year you achieve your health and fitness goals.

If adding whey protein to your diet is on your “to do” list, you are not alone. There are so many articles out there on the benefits of whey protein in aiding in weight loss and preserving lean muscle mass that my clients always ask if what they read is true. My resounding answer is always,


Whey protein has those benefits and likely more. While studies are small and limited on whey protein, there are many advantages to putting a scoop into your favorite smoothie post-workout. Why? Whey protein may help you lose more body fat and preserve lean muscle than if you do not consume it. That’s one way to meet your fitness goals.

But how about overall health? Can it help? Other studies found that consuming whey protein may decrease total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol), may reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension, and may lower their risk of heart disease or stroke versus not consuming whey. Well, check that off for helping to achieve overall health goals.

Whey may even improve the immune response in kids with asthma, showing it would be good for the whole family’s health.

So, start the new year off right. Eat right, exercise and scoop your whey to your 2024 goals.