Vegan Holiday Eats!

Thinking about going vegan? If so, it requires a lot of planning and forethought. You need to make sure you know which foods will give you the protein, vitamins and minerals your body needs. Vegans can be at risk for some nutrient deficiencies, but not if they know what they are looking for. I have counseled numerous clients who decided to go vegan who just wanted to make sure they do it the right way.

But, if going vegan didn't have enough challenges throughout the year, being a vegan during the holidays can be extremely difficult. You have to deal with the nay-sayers who think there's no Thanksgiving without turkey, there’s no Christmas without ham, roast beef or chicken, and there’s no Hanukkah without brisket. Thicken your skin, ignore their comments, and let’s talk vegan holiday eats.

You can't go wrong with Vegan Mac & Cheese. (HINT: Nutritional Yeast is the KEY!)  It's delicious, high in fiber, protein and nutrients and it’s a great main dish for vegans or a side for non-vegans alike. You can also try Kale and Cranberry Quinoa salad which has flavor, crunch, sweetness and is a delicious add on to any meal. For dessert, you can not go wrong with a Vegan Matcha Cheesecake made with Carrington Farms Culinary Matcha, dates, cashers and coconut cream.

Whatever your reason for going vegan, embrace it, and show the non-believers that vegan does not equal bland, tasteless and boring. It can be delicious and fun, even during the holidays. 

Stay "upbeet" we're "rooting" for you!