Superfood to Boost Your Healthy Diet

These past two months have seemed a bit surreal- almost as though they were ripped from the pages of a new sci-fi novel. We have all been staying home and cooking more than ever since our favorite restaurants have been either closed for business or take-out only. With restrictions now lifting and restaurants reopening, be it with just outside seating or with limited capacity in-door seating, how will our eating habits change?

Why eating at home is healthier for you

Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out for lunch or dinner like everyone else, but when you cook your family’s meals most of the time, you know EXACTLY what’s in that food on the table. Study after study shows that people who eat out or take in most days of the week, tend to be heavier and less healthy than those who cook their own meals and eat at home.

What is Ground Lupin?

Many of us are now looking for other foods that are good for us, high in protein, fiber, and delicious to offer as alternatives to the usual ones. If we are cooking, it may as well be healthy, right? One of the foods I’m loving right now is the “superfood of 2020” – ground lupin bean from Carrington Farms. You probably haven’t heard of lupin bean yet, so here’s the scoop: it comes from the same family as chickpeas and lentils, but it has double the protein of chickpeas and more fiber. It’s also vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, plant based, and a complete protein (it contains all nine essential amino acids). Even more incredible, it’s simple to make in just a few minutes and has a neutral flavor that adapts well to any recipe or sauce. You can make lupin waffles, pancakes, muffins or oatmeal for breakfast. Or try a lupin bowl for lunch, adding your favorite vegetables and other leftovers and sauce or spices. For dinner, you can make a healthy meatloaf or meatballs or breaded chicken breasts using the ground lupin bean.

Carrington Farms’ Ground Lupin is well deserving of its “superfood” status from a nutritional standpoint. Even more exciting is that, in addition to the company’s versatile, plain lupin, Carrington Farms has expanded their lupin line to include a garlic & herb flavor! The cook time for all of them is only 3 minutes and the possibilities with them are endless.

Cook healthy. Stay safe. Be well. Shop for other super foods at Carrington Farms today!