Semolina Flour

Carrington Farms


Chef's choice for making homemade pastas, pizza crusts, and breads!

  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR With its nutty flavor and pale golden color, this flour is a flavorful addition to your baking pantry.
  • HIGH GLUTEN Made from a coarse grind of durum wheat, semolina flour has a higher protein count than traditional flours. 

Use Semolina flour to make pasta, Italian breads, couscous, cakes and more. Sprinkle on your pizza crust in place of cornmeal as it is less gritty and won’t burn.

Can be used to make a delicious custard to be a filling in pastries and baked goods.

Use to make a warm breakfast cereal in place of farina, grits or oatmeal.



Reseal pouch tightly and store in a cool dry place.

How many grams of protein per serving?

There are 4 g of protein per serving.

Does Carrington Farms Semolina Flour have any added sugars?

Our Semolina Flour has 0 g of added sugars.

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